The office of the Japan Society for Time Studies is happy to announce that the timetable for this year’s annual conference and symposium has been decided.

The event will be held online June 18 & 19 (Saturday & Sunday), 2022.

12 speakers from 8 universities will be presenting their work.

A Google Form “invitation” to join the conference has been sent to all current members.  We ask those who would like to attend to notify us through the Google Form, after which links to the conference will be sent out.

Those who are NOT members of JSTS but are interested in attending are encouraged to contact JSTS.

Please see the PDF attached to this post for the full schedule including the names of the speakers and the titles of their talks. Sorry, this is in Japanese only.

Saturday, June 18

Session I: 11:00–12:30

Session II: 13:00–14:30

Sunday, June 19

Session III: 15:00–16:30

2022 JSTS Timetable (Japanese)

Clear and Bright (seimei 清明)

The Swallows Arrive (tsubame kitaru 玄鳥至)—Season 13

Pretty soon we’ll have our last look at the cherry blossoms in full bloom.

This year we’ve been blessed with fine weather, so beautiful cherry blossoms could be seen all over the country.

We were finally able to send out the latest edition of the JSTS journal, Time Studies No. 12 (Jikangaku kenkyū 時間学研究), even though we’re already in to the new academic year.

In due course, it should be arriving into your hands, so please be on the lookout.

The payment slip for renewing your membership will also be included with the journal, so please be sure to renew your membership.

Thank you,