Greetings JSTS Members!

This autumn has been warm and there has been a string of fine weather. Many events all over the country have resumed recently, helping us to brush away the pent up stress caused by the long period of corona precautions. Surely there have been a lot of things to take pleasure in recently.

Now it is December and just like that there are indications of winter, and the busyness of the end-of-the-year has come. Things like colds and flus are expected to be going around, so everyone, please take care of yourselves. If we all keep our health in mind, I think we can make it through the new year!

Now then, it has become sort of a custom, but here is an announcement from Prof. Miike, JSTS Board Member and President of Yamaguchi College of Arts, about the 2023 Edition of Hontо̄ no koyomi ほんとうの暦. JSTS Members, or anyone who is interested, by all means please request a copy!

From Miike-sensei:

Hontо̄ no koyomi” is an original product of Yamaguchi College of Arts’ Design Studio Mirai, who has been creating it since 2021.

“Last year the calendar was placed exhibit nationwide and received awards.

“This year, the calendar includes the Japanese nursery rhyme & popular song “Shiki no uta” 四季の歌 (Song of the 4 Seasons) and a commentary article on the 24 Seasons and 72 Micro-seasons printed along with the calendar.

“This year Yamaguchi College of Arts has become its own branch of JSTS with 8 members, so I thought why not take this opportunity to publicize “Hontо̄ no koyomi” and JSTS and our branch group all together!

“With that, I look forward to your kind support in the future.”

—Hidetoshi Miike


Only 3 lucky people can receive their own copy Hontо̄ no koyomi as a present!
Those interested should send an email to: mail*ATMARK* by December 10th.
The lucky winners will be announced in mid-December.