JSTS is now accepting paper proposals for its 14th Annual [ONLINE] conference to be held in June 18 & 19, 2022.

All JSTS members are eligible to join.  If you would like to present at this year’s conference, please join JSTS today.

Those wishing to present, please follow the steps below.

Step 1:
Send an “entry email” to  mail(at mark)timestudies.net  with 【発表希望】 (which you can copy and paste) in the subject heading.  In the body of the email include your NAME, AFFILIATION, and PAPER TITLE (a temporary title is OK!)  The deadline for this “entry email” is FEBRUARY 28th.

Step 2:
Send your abstract by email (Microsoft Word or PDF) by MARCH 10th.

Step 3:
JSTS will evaluate your abstract and respond to you by the end of March.

Step 4:
If your paper is accepted then you will have to REGISTER for the conference in order to receive the conference link and log-on instructions.  This will be in MARCH.


Next steps:

During April the conference schedule & timetable will be sent out.

In JUNE, those who REGISTERED for the conference (Step 4) will receive the conference ID & passwords.

June 18 & 19 (Saturday & Sunday) CONFERENCE DAYS

We always welcome NEW members and look forward to receiving your proposals!

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