Join JSTS Membership

Those wishing to become a member of The Japanese Society for Time Studies (日本時間学会) should fill in all required information in the Application Form and send it (via e-mail or post) to the JSTS office. Once they receive confirmation that their application has been received, they must next transfer their membership fee to the account below. Current one (1) year membership fees are:

REGULAR membership—3,000 JPY (approx. 30 USD)

STUDENT (undergraduate & graduate) membership—1,500 JPY (approx. 15 USD)


Sending Applications

via e-mail

Please fill in the Application Form using Microsoft Word and send it to the e-mail address below as an ATTACHMENT. Please write “Membership Application” in the message’s SUBJECT.

Send the completed Membership Application to the following JSTS e-mail address:

via post

Please download the application form (found at the bottom of this page) and fill it in using either Microsoft Word or as a PDF.


Mail your completed application to:

753-8511 Yamaguchi Prefecture, Yamaguchi City, Yoshida 1677-1

Yamaguchi University

c/o Jikangaku kenkyū shonai (R.I.T.S.)

The Japanese Society for Time Studies


・Transferring Application Fees

**Please write “Application Fee for the year 20xx” in the memo space (通信欄) of your bank transfer form**


Please take care to transfer the appropriate amount of money (REGULAR 3,000 JPY; STUDENT 1,500 JPY).


**Please remember, JSTS does NOT pay the cost of cash transfer fees.**


Account Information:

Bank: Japan Post (Yūcho ginko)

Bank Account Number (口座番号): 01340-6-87474

Organization Title: Nihonjikangakkai (ニホンジカンガッカイ)