The first issue of the Japanese Society for Time Studies’ journal was published in April, 2011. Back issues can be viewed on J-STAGE. Beginning with the Volume 4, the journal was named Jikangaku kenkyū 時間学研究, or in English, Time Studies.


The Japanese Society for Time Studies’ academic journal Time Studies is now accepting articles for submission. We are eagerly awaiting submissions from members!


*As a general rule, submitting articles is limited to members of JSTS.

*Please see the following for other guidelines regarding submissions.


Guidelines for Publishing and Submitting Articles to JSTS (as of 20 July 2009)


Publishing Guidelines

  1. Times Studies serves as the official bulletin/ journal of the Japanese Society for Time Studies and thus features articles and reports related to the study of Time.
  2. As a general rule Time Studies is published once a year.
  3. The JSTS editorial committee is responsible for receiving, managing, compiling, and editing all manuscripts submitted to the journal.
  4. The editorial committee is consists of JSTS members appointed by the JSTS Head of the Board of Directors and the Head of the Society.
  5. In order to assure that all submissions are in perfect order the editorial committee has established these editorial guidelines. If the editorial committee should find some discrepancy, the person who submitted the manuscript will be contacted.
  6. The editorial committee decides whether a manuscript is accepted or rejected based on the decision of peer reviewers.
  7. Authors whose manuscripts have not been accepted by the editorial committee due to the peer reviewer’s decision are welcome to petition the editorial committee.
  8. In the case of when an author’s manuscript has been deemed inappropriate for the journal (for example, the theme or the scope of the paper does not fit JSTS’s research aims), the editorial committee will notify the author of the reasons.
  9. In the case of when an author’s manuscript has been accepted for publication, the date of its acceptance will be made a record of and the author will be notified.
  10. JSTS holds the copyright to all articles it publishes, but the author may freely use their articles for other publications and for educational purposes.


Submission Guidelines

  1. Contribution requirements

As a general rule, contributions are limited to members of JSTS.

  1. Contribution Types
  • JSTS members’ research papers that are based on the study of Time
  • papers that have been solicited by members of the editorial committee (which may or may NOT have been written by JSTS members)
  • papers from affiliated organizations (both national and international) that are related to the study of Time
  • other reports related to the study of Time
  1. Contribution Procedure

Contributions should be submitted “ready for publishing” and as a general rule not have been published in any other journal/publication. Please prepare your manuscript using appropriate editing software and send it as an e-mail attachment. Please set up and format your manuscript in-line with the guidelines below. Some contributors may also want to send their manuscripts as an RTF file as well. In cases where authors cannot e-mail their manuscripts, please send a hard copy (including images, figures, etc.) along with the data stored on a CD, flash drive, or some other storage device.

  1. Formatting Guidelines


  1. Body
  • have the page layout set to A4
  • lines should be set to be read from left to right
  • 30 lines of text per page
  • 40 characters per line
  • set margins accordingly
  • first page:
    • title in BOTH Japanese and English
    • author(s) name(s)
    • author(s) affiliation(s)
    • abstract in Japanese (600 characters max)
    • abstract in English
  • Submissions are limited to 20 pages including all figures, images, notes, etc.
  • page numbers in the upper right of EACH page
  • Please use endnotes numbered 1, 2, 3, …
  • Reference should be listed as:
  • Author’s name Year of Publication (ex. 2009; NOT Heisei 21) Title of work Editor Journal Title and number publisher
  1. Figures & Tables
  • Please send figures, tables, images, etc. in separate files—do NOT include them in the article. Each figure, table, image, etc. should be sent in its own file.
  • Please clearly indicate where in your article the figures, tables, images, etc. should be inserted. For example: [Author’s NAME, Figure 1].
  • All figures, tables, images, etc. must be in grayscale.
  • Figures, tables, images, etc. should not be more than 50% of your article.
  • If desired, the author may pay a printing cost to include glossy images in with the text


Send submissions to:


Postal Code: 753-8511

Yamaguchi, Yamaguchi City, Yoshida 1644-1

Yamaguchi University Jikangaku kenkyū-shonai Nihonjikan gakkai

“Jikangaku kenkyū” henshū-iinkai

TEL: 083-933-5848




〒753−8511  山口市吉田1677−1

山口大学時間学研究所内 日本時間学会

『時間学研究』 編集委員会

TEL: 083-933-5848



*Please contact us for any inquiries regarding publications