About JSTS

About the Japanese Society for Time Studies

The purpose of the Japanese Society for Time Studies (JSTS) is to establish new areas of academic research pertaining to the formal study of Time. Certainly, Time has been a topic of many studies conducted in various individual academic disciplines. However JSTS’s goal is to promote research that breaks down the barriers in Time studies that exist between the Humanities & the Sciences, and foundational theory & practical theory.

There are a variety of ways in which Time manifests itself, for example time related mechanisms in biology; the relation between lifestyle-related body rhythms and health; social policy governing the keeping of time; and the ways various cultures measure past and future time using calendars. By connecting research across such varied fields, JSTS thus attempts to organize Time as it relates to both societal norms as well as to individual experiences. In this manner, JSTS is able to weave together a variety of research themes related to Time. Some issues that JSTS has addressed in the past have been how the millions of years during which the Earth’s environment and living creatures have evolved are to be measured. Or, comparing/contrasting the various manners in which Time is traditionally measured in East Asia and the West. Or, to what extent are humans able to make clocks that precisely keep track of time? And related to that, what gaps are there with human Time-conscious and Time measured with timepieces that exist today? Another important issue fundamental to JSTS research is tackling the question, “What is Time?” which calls for an understanding of both philosophy and physics.

The first JSTS conference was held on June 13th-14th, 2009. At that time JSTS had the opportunity to establish its goals as an organization. Upon approval of those goals, JSTS and its members were able to bring together researchers from across disciplines and vigorously move the study of Time forward, as they had hoped.


Doctor Tsuji Shōji

Representative of The Japanese Society for Time Studies Establishment and Planning Committee


Members of The Japanese Society for Time Studies Academic Research Executive Committee  (as of July 2016)


President                            Makoto   ICHIKAWA

Advisor                                   Heisuke  HIRONAKA

Director                               Masahiko   MUTO

                                                   Haruhiko   YAMAMOTO



Planning & Strategy  
 Junichiro  HASHIMOTO
 Academic Development and Research   
  Shinichi   INOUE
  Hiroshi    HOSOI
Editors of the JSTS Journal 
  Kenta  FUJISAWA               
  Takayuki  HASEGAWA
PR and Advertising
   Ichiro  ODA
   Emi     KOYAMA
Financial Affairs  
   Hidetoshi  MIIKE
   Shoji  TSUJI
 General Affairs   
   Tsuneichiro  UEMURA
   Norihiro  SUGINO

    Hiroshi  MATSUNO


 Administrative Affairs  

   Hiroki    MIGITA   

   Hiroko   HIRATA                              

                                                                                                               (as of  July 2016)