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JSTS office email


Mailing Address

753-8511 (Postal Code)

Yamaguchi, Yamaguchi City, Yoshida 1677-1

Yamaguchi University, Jikan gaku kenkyū-sho nai

Nihon jikan gakkai



Paying Membership Fees by Bank Transfer (in Japan):

1) On the account transfer slip in the space marked tsūshin ran 通信欄 (messages/ memos), please write the YEAR for which you are paying for membership and the words “membership fee.” (example: 2018 membership fee)


2) The fee for one year is 3,000 yen (1,500 yen for students).


3) JSTS does NOT cover or reimburse the transfer fee charged by your bank.


4) JSTS’s Account Information:

Yūcho ginko (Japan Post bank account)

Kōza bangō 口座番号 (JSTS Bank Account Number): 01340-6-87474

Account holder’s name: ニホンジカンガッカイ (nihon jikan gakkai)