JSTS 2020 Call for Papers

The 12th Conference of the Japanese Society for Time Studies (JSTS 2020) will be held in Kassui Women’s University, Nagasaki Japan from June 12th to June 14th, 2020. We invite submissions of papers and panels on all topics related to Time Studies (English and/or Japanese only).


The 3-day conference will consist of the following:

Day 1: registration and Keynote Lecture (June 12)

Day 2: main symposium and presentation sessions (June 13)

Day 3: presentation sessions (June 14).



The deadline for application for presentations is APRIL- 20,2020.

The deadline for abstract submission (250 words) is MAY- 11, 2020


Style and Author Instructions:



Tentative schedule

★Kassui Women’sUniversity (higashiYamate 1-50 Nagasaki)



June 12th(Fri)

   14:00 Opening remarks Keynote lecture   Poster session 1

   16:00 Joint meeting for directors

June 13th(Sat)

9:00   Paper session 1

11:30 Meeting for directors

13:00  General meeting for conference members

14:30  Public symposium

18:30  Welcome party

June 14th(Sun)

9:30   Worship

10:00  Panel by ISST

12:00  Lunch

13:00  Paper session 2

14:30  Poster session 2

Coffee break

15:00  Paper session 3

16:30  Closing remarks