Greetings JSTS Members!

This autumn has been warm and there has been a string of fine weather. Many events all over the country have resumed recently, helping us to brush away the pent up stress caused by the long period of corona precautions. Surely there have been a lot of things to take pleasure in recently.

Now it is December and just like that there are indications of winter, and the busyness of the end-of-the-year has come. Things like colds and flus are expected to be going around, so everyone, please take care of yourselves. If we all keep our health in mind, I think we can make it through the new year!

Now then, it has become sort of a custom, but here is an announcement from Prof. Miike, JSTS Board Member and President of Yamaguchi College of Arts, about the 2023 Edition of Hontо̄ no koyomi ほんとうの暦. JSTS Members, or anyone who is interested, by all means please request a copy!

From Miike-sensei:

Hontо̄ no koyomi” is an original product of Yamaguchi College of Arts’ Design Studio Mirai, who has been creating it since 2021.

“Last year the calendar was placed exhibit nationwide and received awards.

“This year, the calendar includes the Japanese nursery rhyme & popular song “Shiki no uta” 四季の歌 (Song of the 4 Seasons) and a commentary article on the 24 Seasons and 72 Micro-seasons printed along with the calendar.

“This year Yamaguchi College of Arts has become its own branch of JSTS with 8 members, so I thought why not take this opportunity to publicize “Hontо̄ no koyomi” and JSTS and our branch group all together!

“With that, I look forward to your kind support in the future.”

—Hidetoshi Miike


Only 3 lucky people can receive their own copy Hontо̄ no koyomi as a present!
Those interested should send an email to: mail*ATMARK* by December 10th.
The lucky winners will be announced in mid-December.

We here at the JSTS main office continue to think about the happiness and health of you, the members of JSTS.

On another note, so many people participated in the 14th JSTS conference, held in 2022, for which we are sincerely grateful!

Along with this post being a record of the conference proceedings, it will also have some comments submitted by the presenters. Along with that, some of the new members have voluntarily submitted self-introductions, all of which we have posted below.

Record of the 14th JSTS Conference Proceedings

Date: Saturday, June 18th (Saturday)–19th (Sunday), 2022

Place: Online

I. Conference Outline

Day 1, June 18th (Saturday), 10:00–17:00

Opening Greeting/ Remarks by the JSTS President Makoto Ichikawa 一川 誠—Chiba University

Keynote Lecture: Terao Masahiko 寺尾 将彦—Yamaguchi University Research Institute for Time Studies (Lecturer)

Title: 「私たちは世界からどれくらいずれて生きているのか? 意識の処理遅延とそれを補償する情報処理について」

Presentation Session I

1. Kenta Fujisawa 藤澤 健太—Yamaguchi University Research Institute for Time Studies
Title: 「白色矮星連星AE Aqrの短時間電波強度変動の探査」

2. Junko Kawabe 川邉 順子—Yamaguchi University Department of Earth Science, Biology, and Chemistry
Title: 「時計タンパク質PERとCRYの結合力低下が引き起こす概日時計への影響」

3. Yasuyuki Aono 青野 靖之 and Fujii Shūta 藤井 秀太—Osaka Metropolitan University Graduate School of Agriculture
Title: 「東北地方における独立峰の初冠雪日に関する気候学的」

Yamaguchi University Research Institute for Time Studies’ 2022 Open Symposium on Time Studies: Front Line Research of Black Holes

Professor Mareki Honma 本間 希樹—National Astronomical Observatory of Japan, Mizusawa Campus (Head of the VLBI Astronomical Observatory)
Title: 「人類が初めて見たブラックホールの姿」

Professor Kotaro Niinuma 新沼 浩太郎—Yamaguchi University Graduate School of Sciences and Technology for Innovation & the Research Institute for Time Studies
Title: 「ブラックホールから飛び出す物質『ジェット』」

Day 2: June 19th (Sunday) 10:00–16:30

JSTS General Meeting

Presentation Session II

Shigeo Sugitani 杉谷 茂夫—La Universidad Politécnica Salesiana; currently Okinawa Institute for Science and Technology (OIST)
Title: 「エクアドルにおける機械式振り⼦塔時計修復の報告」

Sadao Horiuchi 堀内 貞男—Citizen Watch Co., Ltd.; The Graduate School of Project Design
Title: 「腕時計における時間的価値」

Mugio Umemura 梅村 麦生—Kobe University, Graduate School of Humanities and Faculty of Letters (Lecturer)
Title: 「『時間の社会学』の学史的再検討-社会的時間の統合と分化について-」

Presentation Session III

Yoichi Nagashima 長嶋 洋一—Shizuoka University of Art and Culture
Title: 「”We-mode認知”に関する時間学的考察」

Takahiro Ono 小野 隆洋 and Uemura Yuhei 上村 有平—Yamaguchi College of Arts
Title: 「音楽ワークショップ型授業における時間デザイン(2)」

Maki Matsumoto 松本 真希 and Koyama Emi 小山 恵美—Kyoto Institute of Technology

II. General Assembly Reports

Date & Time: 18 June (Sunday) 10:00–12:00
Place: Online Meeting

① Re-cap of the previous General Assembly Report
② Chairman Elections, Director Kenta Fujisawa
③ Announcements of newly joined members and membership report
④2021 JSTS event report
⑤ about the JSTS newsletter
⑥ 2021 budget reports and JSTS Treasurer report

The following items were discussed:
⑦ 2022 JSTS events
⑧ 2022 budget
⑨ Next year’s International Society for the Study of Time (ISST) International Conference, hosted by JSTS
Yamaguchi 2023 (
18th Triennial ISST Conference: Time and Measure at Yamaguchi University
・Re-cap of the scheduled presentations
・Memorial Lecture: Prof. Ritsuko Matsumura 松村 律子—The Research Institute for Time Studies (RITS)
・Balancing JSTS presentations with the international conference agenda
④ Others:
1) Candidates for Emeritus Members
・Prof. Shinichi Inoue 井上 慎一
・Prof. Ichiro Oda 織田 一朗
(Refer to Article 7 of the JSTS constitution regarding Emeritus Members)

2) JSTS branch activities
Nothing to report at the moment. If any members of JSTS are interested in hosting events at their home institutions or in their local regions, we warmly encourage them to contact the JSTS board of directors for more information. Recently, Prof. Miyake hosted some time studies events at Yamaguchi College of Arts with the support of JSTS. There is no formal limit to the types of activities one could organize. JSTS will be happy to lend its support however it can.

3) Improving JSTS administration and office support
・upgrades to PCs and software

Kyoko Nakatani 中谷 恭子: JSTS homepage; Twitter; conference planning support
Tomoyo Takai 高井 智世: JSTS newsletter; publishing & editing; conference planning support

4) JSTS Board of Directors meetings will likely be held online from now on. We have renewed the ZOOM license, so we can use it for JSTS business.

5) Miscellaneous
The following 2 items were discussed:
・There has been some interest on making members’ articles available online. This could perhaps be done in a rather simple way. Doing so would help promote JSTS.

・There is still a wish for the JSTS Newsletter to be published in print.

Some words from a few of the speakers from the 14th JSTS Conference

Mugio Umemura 梅村 麦生—Kobe University

Shigeo Sugitani 杉谷 茂夫—Okinawa Institute for Science and Technology (OIST)

Yoichi Nagashima 長嶋 洋一—Shizuoka University of Art and Culture

Sadao Horiuchi 堀内 貞男—Citizen Watch Co., Ltd.; The Graduate School of Project Design

Greetings from some of this year’s new JSTS members:

Satoshi Okazaki 岡崎 聡—Kagawa University, Faculty of Medicine/ Graduate School of Medicine, Clinical Psychology





Iyo Kaneda 金田 伊代—Kyoto University, Graduate School of Human and Environmental Studies




Tooru Koizumi 小泉 徹—Seico Holdings




Shigeo Sugitani 杉谷 茂夫—Okinawa Institute for Science and Technology (OIST)




Hiroyuki Tsujioka 辻岡 博之—Yamaguchi College of Arts




Regarding the 15th JSTS Conference

Due to the COVID pandemic we had to have our conference online. Next year in 2023, however, there is a desire to return to holding the conference in-person. For now we will proceed with planning to have the 2023 conference in person. More details about this will be decided at July’s meeting (July 1 & 2, 2023). This will be followed by the ISST International Conference, which we hope many of you will attend!